How to Overcome Examination Fear

The fear of examination termed exams phobia is one phenomenon students of all age groups go through at some point. It sometimes results in depression which is a major cause for alarm in the world today. A student may get scared or anxious because of the content of the subject or course his/her level of understanding and most times because of a certain standard he or she must meet. It affects the physical, mental and intellectual state. The dear is often more intense towards the exams date and might cause one to take harmful substance like caffeine which increases anxiety, affects the student negatively and in turn lead to poor performance. On the brighter side, the following steps could help a lot.

Active participation in Class.

A student who attends classes more effectively will not have less phobia for exams than that which doesn’t attend at all because he/she will obtain firsthand information about the subject direct from the teacher rather than second hand information that has be paraphrased by another student who probably didn’t have a strong understanding about the topic.

Being Organized.

It is often advisable to keep every academic work related to a particular subject like notes, materials, handouts and even detachments where you will find them so you don’t go searching for them when they are needed. You can markout keypoints in your notes using markers or highlighters for ease of access.

Effective Studying.

There is no joy like getting into an examination hall to find out that what you’ve studied came out. The joy that comes from it is soul lifting. This joy can be made to reality by studying effectively. You don’t forget easily because you read in bits, your brain absorbs what you’re reading, you understand what you are reading so you can defend your reading at any point be it in an impromptu test or exams. Studying daily means only having to revise towards an exams and this reduces examination anxiety. Make sure to draw up a reading time table with the best times you can read using the most effective method of studying for you and try as much as

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