Step by Step Guide on How to be the Best in School

This is a step by step guide on how to be the best in school. This article contains exactly what you need to be the best. Follow the steps given below to excel in your academic endeavor.

Burning the Midnight Candle.

Research shows that knowledge consumed from a piece of writing are easily assimilated and retained at night because there are likely to be less buzz and distractions of any kind at any other than any time of the day. Everywhere will be calm and the brain will be more open. Although this may not work for everybody, but it is necessary to choose an environment devoid of distractions, kids running around, electronic sounds etc for study and most importantly, a place that is comfortable.

Form Reading Groups and Attend Tutorial Classes.

Just like a problem shared is a problem half solved, an idea shared can never be forgotten. Getting ideas from different people and also sharing ideas you have won’t make you forget easily. Studies show that people remember 10% of what they read and 20% of what they hear. So hearing from others and getting knowledge from them couldn’t be less harmful. It is also worthwhile to join tutorial classes for more clarification.

Make Research.

Aside the normal knowledge obtained in the classroom, it is necessary to visit the library or internet for more information.

Create a Time Table for Study and Assignments.

It is better to work on assignments immediately they are given than wait for when it is called for before rushing over it. Organize all your work; a planner is recommended to tack dates.

Be Social.

Try taking up leadership positions as this could help gain more experience and build one’s courage and enthusiasm, join clubs that you have interest in and be involved in sports.


It is not enough to want to come out tops all the time but have fun while at it. Don’t stress yourself out and loose yourself whole trying to meet a target. Set a goal to be the best you can be and do your best because that is all you can do. Remember all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

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