Steps on How You Can Easily Overcome Examination Fear

A lot of students fall a victim of this problem in the primary, secondary and tertiary institution. As the case may be, this is natural feeling but there a various ways it can be controlled. As a student you need not to fear examination. This guide will teach you all you need to do to be bold and overcome examination fear.

The following will go a long way to help you overcome examination fear;

Give Yourself a Break.

Taking breaks between reading intervals help you relax your mind and helps absorb what you’ve read. You could see a movie, do some sports or better still, take a nap before resuming reading.

Be Positive and Confident.

Thinking negatively even before getting to write the actual exams is enough to make you perform so badly in them. Be confident in yourself no matter the outcome.

Eat Good Food.

Fruits, vegetable and other food like milk, fish, proteins generally, are good for the brain. Hunger can make one loose focus and cause anxiety so it is advisable to eat health balanced diets before reading. It also provides energy needed for study.

Change of Environment.

If you find yourself in an environment that doesn’t give you time to study, try relocating especially, towards and all through the examination period so you can have all the time you need to study. Also avoid friends that feel extremely intelligent to the point where they look down on you, discourage you and make you anxious, even those that aren’t confident. You don’t need such negativity around you while studying.

Arrive at the Exams Venue on Time.

Rushing to an exams hall can result in brain format. They nervousness and tension is enough to make you feel empty upstairs. It is best if you’re at least 30-40mins early. This could give you ample opportunity to carry out some revision before the actual exams.

Read and Follow all Instructions.

Questions you’ve studied may appear in a test or exams and you’ll be eager to rush over then forgetting to read instructions first, but it’s always better to go through the instructions first so you won’t be doing the wrong thing.

Be Time Conscious.

It is necessary to allocate time to each question so you can attempt all questions you were instructed to answer. In a case where you’re not done within the stipulated time, you can suspend it and get to another one to retire to it later. Not finishing on time can cause anxiety and fear.

Be Focused and Target questions you’re sure of first before attempting those you’re not so sire of so you can stand a good chance of doing better. Seeing a difficult question may make you anxious and thus loose concentration and you might end up spending more time than necessary on them. Also try to control your mind from wondering around and stay focused.

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